Palki Sharma Wikipedia, Wiki, Divorce, Husband, Salary, Twitter

Palki Sharma Wikipedia, Wiki, Divorce, Husband, Salary, Twitter

Palki Sharma Wikipedia, Wiki, Divorce, Husband, Salary, Twitter – Palki Sharma Upadhyay is a name that resonates with Indian journalism and news anchoring. Her illustrious career, spanning over two decades, has seen her contribute to some of the biggest news channels in India and internationally. In this article, we delve into the biography of Palki Sharma Upadhyay, exploring her background, career, personal life, and noteworthy achievements.

Palki Sharma Wikipedia, Wiki, Divorce, Husband, Salary, Twitter
Palki Sharma Wikipedia, Wiki, Divorce, Husband, Salary, Twitter

Palki Sharma Bio

Full NamePalki Sharma Upadhyay
Date of BirthMay 29, 1982 (41 years old)
Place of BirthPilani, Rajasthan, India
EducationMaster’s Degree in Communication and Journalism, Certified C1 French Learner
FamilyHusband: Sanket Upadhyay (Journalist), Daughter: Manya Upadhyay, Son (Name Not Disclosed), Sister: Sanchita Upadhyay
Physical AttributesHeight: 170 cm (5’7″), Weight: 65 kg, Eye Color: Black, Hair Color: Black
Career HighlightsJournalism career spanning Doordarshan, Hindustan Times, CNN-News18, iTV Network, WION, and Firstpost.
ControversyLegal disputes with Zee News upon her transition to TV18 Broadcast Limited, ultimately allowed to join Network 18 with certain conditions.
Personal InterestsReading, Cooking, Interior Designing, Saree Collection, Painting Pots
Notable AchievementsBest News Reader Award (2007), Best International News Show for “Gravitas” at News Broadcasting Awards (ENBA) in 2020
Palki Sharma Wikipedia, Wiki, Divorce, Husband, Salary, Twitter

Palki Sharma Early Life

Palki Sharma Upadhyay was born on May 29, 1982, in Pilani, Rajasthan, making her 41 years old as of the latest available information. She has emerged as a veteran in the field of journalism, with a remarkable career journey.

Her educational journey started at Loreto Convent, Tara Hall, Shimla, for her schooling. Following her schooling, she pursued a Master’s Degree in Communication and Journalism at the ICG Institute of Educational Research & Development in Jaipur. Her commitment to learning also led her to become a certified C1 French Learner, a testament to her dedication and pursuit of excellence.

Palki Sharma Personal Information

Palki Sharma Upadhyay hails from a well-to-do family, but there is limited public information available about her parents’ names. However, sources suggest that her father is a former Indian cricket player, and her mother is a beautician based in Delhi.

In 2008, Palki Sharma Upadhyay tied the knot with Sanket Upadhyay, also a renowned journalist who works as a senior journalist at NDTV. The couple has been blessed with two children, a daughter named Manya Upadhyay and a son whose name has not been made public. She also has a sister named Sanchita Upadhyay.

Palki Sharma Physical Stats

Palki Sharma Upadhyay stands at a height of approximately 170 centimeters (5 feet 7 inches) and weighs around 65 kilograms. Her striking black eyes and hair add to her distinctive appearance.

Palki Sharma Career

Palki Sharma Upadhyay embarked on her journalism career after completing her graduation in mass communication and journalism. She initiated her journey with Doordarshan, India’s largest broadcasting TV network, where she hosted regional and national news programs. Her role extended to shortlisting current news topics and writing stories for the channel.

Following her stint at Doordarshan, she joined Hindustan Times in 2004, where she worked as a staff writer, primarily focusing on civic and social content. Her responsibilities also included copy-editing and film reviews for the newspaper.

In 2005, Palki Sharma Upadhyay transitioned to CNN-News18, India’s largest English news channel at the time. There, she held the position of a senior anchor and editor, conducting interviews with prominent figures and contributing to the channel’s content.

Her career trajectory led her to the iTV Network in 2016, where she served as an anchor and journalist for approximately a year before making a significant move to WION (World Is One News). At WION, she hosted the prime-time show “Gravitas” until September 2022 when she decided to leave her position as Managing Editor.

Notably, Palki Sharma Upadhyay’s career took an interesting turn when she joined Firstpost. She began hosting the unique show called “Vintage,” presenting global news from an Indian perspective. The first episode of “Vintage” aired on January 26, 2023.

Palki Sharma Challenges and Controversies

In September, Palki Sharma Upadhyay stepped down from her position at Zee News and later joined TV18 Broadcast Limited as a Managing Editor. Zee News accused her of breaching the mandatory notice policy, non-compete agreement, and possessing “confidential information” that could benefit Zee News competitors. Consequently, Zee News sought legal action to prohibit her from working for TV18 and disclosing any confidential information.

However, on November 22, 2022, the Delhi High Court declined to prevent Palki Sharma Upadhyay from joining Network 18 but recorded a commitment from her counsel that she would not disclose any confidential or sensitive information obtained during her time at Zee News to third parties.

Palki Sharma Social Media

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Palki Sharma Wikipedia, Wiki, Divorce, Husband, Salary, Twitter

Palki Sharma Personal Preferences

Palki Sharma Upadhyay’s interests extend beyond journalism. She is an avid reader and enjoys cooking and interior designing. Her favorite books include “Love In A Blue Time,” “Indian Summer,” “In Other Rooms and Other Wonders,” “The Bluest Eye,” and “Angela’s Ashes.” Among her favorite authors are Daniyal Mueenuddin, Alex Von Tunzelmann, Frank Mc Court, Hanif Kureishi, and Toni Morrison.

She also has a penchant for white attire and favors food items like French fries, sashimi, and burgers. Coffee is her preferred beverage, and she has a particular fondness for sarees. Her favorite singer is Lata Mangeshkar, and she admires actors like Ashutosh Rana and Akshita Mudgal.

Palki Sharma Achievements

Throughout her career, Palki Sharma Upadhyay has achieved several accolades and milestones. In 2007, she was honored with the Best News Reader Award. Her show “Gravitas” on WION earned her the “Best International News Show” in English at the News Broadcasting Awards (ENBA) in 2020.

In addition to her journalism career, Palki Sharma Upadhyay ventured into the world of fashion with her own saree brand named Reyva. Her collection showcases her exquisite taste and design sensibilities.

Palki Sharma Community Involvement

In her leisure time, Palki Sharma Upadhyay indulges in painting pots, demonstrating her multi-faceted talents. She has also been recognized for her extensive coverage of the Iraqi refugee crisis and the Tibetan community in India.

Palki Sharma Upadhyay made history as the first Indian correspondent to cover Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in the United States, further cementing her legacy in the field of journalism.


Palki Sharma Upadhyay’s journey through the world of journalism has been marked by dedication, versatility, and a commitment to excellence. Her foray into fashion and other creative endeavors showcases her multi-dimensional personality. With a successful career spanning various prestigious news channels, numerous accolades, and a diverse range of interests, Palki Sharma Upadhyay continues to make a significant impact in the world of media and beyond.

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Where is Palki Sharma from?

Palki Sharma Upadhyay hails from Pilani, Rajasthan, India.

What did Palki Sharma study?

Palki Sharma pursued a Master’s Degree in Communication and Journalism at the ICG Institute of Educational Research & Development in Jaipur. She also became a certified C1 French Learner through Alliance Francaise de, Delhi.

Who are the female presenters of WION?

Palki Sharma Upadhyay was one of the prominent female presenters at WION (World Is One News). However, as of the latest available information, she left her position as Managing Editor at WION in September 2022.

What has happened to Palki Sharma recently?

Palki Sharma Upadhyay left her position at WION in September 2022 and later joined TV18 Broadcast Limited as a Managing Editor. There were legal disputes between her previous employer, Zee News, and her new role at TV18, but the Delhi High Court allowed her to join Network 18 with certain conditions, including not disclosing confidential information from her time at Zee News to third parties. Additionally, she began hosting a show called “Vintage” on Firstpost in January 2023.

Why Palki Sharma Upadhyay Left Wion?

Palki Sharma Upadhyay left WION for personal reasons. She made this decision in September 2022. While the exact details of her departure may not be publicly disclosed, it’s common for individuals in the media industry to make career changes or pursue new opportunities based on their personal and professional aspirations.

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