Salim Karim Wikipedia, Age, First Wife, Net Worth, Businessmen Pakistan, Photo, Biography

Salim Karim Wikipedia, Age, First Wife, Net Worth, Businessmen Pakistan, Photo, Biography

Salim Karim Wikipedia, Age, First Wife, Net Worth, Businessmen Pakistan, Photo, Biography – Salim Karim, the CEO of SimPasia, is a renowned Pakistani businessman who has made waves not only in the corporate world but also in the realm of celebrity relationships. Born and raised in Pakistan, Salim Karim’s life journey is one of determination, entrepreneurship, and a remarkable romance with the famous actress Mahira Khan, whom he married in a private ceremony on October 1, 2023. This biography delves deep into Salim Karim’s life, covering his age, education, family background, career achievements, and his high-profile relationship with Mahira Khan.

Salim Karim Wikipedia, Age, First Wife, Net Worth, Businessmen Pakistan, Photo, Biography
Salim Karim Wikipedia, Age, First Wife, Net Worth, Businessmen Pakistan, Photo, Biography

Salim Karim Bio

Full NameSalim Karim
ProfessionBusinessman, CEO
Marital StatusMarried (To Mahira Khan)
Wife’s NameMahira Khan
EducationBachelor’s Degree in Economics (2005)
Height5 feet 11 inches
Net Worth (Estimated)$1.0 million (As of 2023)
Salim Karim Wikipedia, Age, First Wife, Net Worth, Businessmen Pakistan, Photo, Biography

Salim Karim Early Life and Education

Salim Karim was born in Pakistan, a country known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes. While Salim’s exact date of birth remains undisclosed, estimates suggest that he falls somewhere between the ages of 45 and 50 as of 2023. In 2005, he embarked on his educational journey and earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for his future endeavors.

Karim currently resides in Karachi, a bustling metropolis in Pakistan. Despite his prominence, he keeps a tight lid on his family’s personal information. The names of his parents and siblings remain undisclosed, as he values his privacy and prefers to let his professional achievements shine.

Salim Karim Family Background

While Salim Karim has chosen to keep his family life private, we do know that he hails from Karachi, Pakistan. His early education was completed in Karachi before he embarked on further studies abroad. Details about his parents and siblings remain undisclosed, as he prefers to shield his personal life from the media spotlight.

Salim Karim Personal Life

Salim Karim’s personal life became the subject of public fascination when he embarked on a romance with the renowned actress Mahira Khan. This high-profile relationship, which eventually led to their marriage, captured the imagination of fans and media alike. The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony on October 1, 2023, after a long courtship that remained largely under wraps.

Salim Karim First Wife and Children

Before his marriage to Mahira Khan, Salim Karim was previously wed to Ali Askari. From this earlier marriage, he had a son named Azlan in 2009. While details about his first wife and their relationship are limited, it is clear that Salim Karim has experienced significant changes in his personal life over the years.

Salim Karim Physical Stats

Standing at an impressive height of 5 feet 11 inches and weighing 78 kilograms, Salim Karim exudes confidence and stature. His striking features include black eyes and blonde hair, making him a distinctive figure in any setting.

Salim Karim Career

Salim Karim’s career is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence. He began his professional journey by spending nearly nine years with the Italian corporation ENI. During this period, he honed his skills and gained valuable experience in managing effective business operations, setting the stage for his future success.

Following his tenure at ENI, Salim transitioned to a role as an assistant brand manager at GSK, a renowned global pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare company. This experience provided him with insights into brand management and further enriched his business acumen.

In 2016, Salim Karim embarked on a new venture that would eventually redefine financial transactions in Pakistan. He founded SimPaisa, a groundbreaking startup aimed at simplifying and streamlining financial transactions by allowing customers to make payments directly through their SIM cards. This innovative approach marked a significant departure from traditional payment methods, and SimPaisa quickly gained traction as a user-friendly financial platform.

Karim’s entrepreneurial journey didn’t stop at SimPaisa. He also co-founded Tapmad TV, an online streaming network that disrupted Pakistan’s entertainment industry by providing viewers with access to diverse programming from around the world. His foray into entertainment technology demonstrated his adaptability and commitment to innovation.

Salim Karim and Mahira Khan?

Salim Karim’s life took an unexpected turn when he crossed paths with the renowned Pakistani actress Mahira Khan. Their love story began to unfold in 2017 during the debut of Tapmad TV, where serendipity brought them together. What started as a friendship gradually evolved into a passionate and enduring relationship that captured the attention of fans and the media alike.

For years, Salim Karim and Mahira Khan kept their relationship under wraps, with rumors of their engagement surfacing in 2020. The couple continued to maintain a low profile, attending events together without drawing excessive public attention.

The long-awaited union of Salim Karim and Mahira Khan finally materialized on October 1, 2023, when they tied the knot in a private and intimate ceremony attended by close friends and family. This high-profile wedding took place at the Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban and became the talk of social media, with insider images and videos providing glimpses into their special day.

Salim Karim Net Worth

While the exact figure of Salim Karim’s net worth remains undisclosed, there is no doubt that his businesses have thrived. In Pakistan, he is recognized as a shrewd and successful entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in the corporate sector. As of 2023, his estimated net worth stands at a healthy $1.0 million, showcasing a steady rise over the years:

  • 2023: $1,000,000
  • 2021: $800,000
  • 2020: $640,000
  • 2019: $512,000

Salim Karim’s inspiring journey from modest beginnings to the helm of SimPaisa and his enduring romance with Mahira Khan paint a portrait of a man who has not only revolutionized financial transactions but also found love along the way. His consistent growth in net worth reflects his dedication to the business sector and positions him as a noteworthy figure to watch in the years to come.

Salim Karim Social Media

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Salim Karim Wikipedia, Age, First Wife, Net Worth, Businessmen Pakistan, Photo, Biography


Salim Karim’s life story is a testament to the power of determination, innovation, and love. From his early years in Pakistan to his successful entrepreneurial ventures, he has demonstrated resilience and an unwavering commitment to excellence. His relationship with the beloved actress Mahira Khan adds a touch of celebrity allure to his life journey, making him a prominent figure not just in business but also in popular culture. As Salim Karim continues to make strides in his career and personal life, he remains an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and a symbol of the boundless possibilities that life has to offer.

Read More Bio:

Who is Salim Karim?

Salim Karim is a renowned Pakistani businessman and the CEO of SimPasia. He is known for his innovative ventures in the financial sector, including SimPaisa, which has transformed the way financial transactions are conducted in Pakistan. Salim Karim is also notable for his high-profile relationship with actress Mahira Khan.

Who is Mahira’s ex-husband?

Mahira Khan’s ex-husband is Ali Askari, with whom she had a son named Azlan in 2009. Prior to her relationship with Salim Karim, Mahira Khan was married to Ali Askari.

Who is the second husband of Mahira Khan?

The second husband of Mahira Khan is Salim Karim. They tied the knot in a private and intimate ceremony on October 1, 2023, marking the beginning of their married life together.

Who is Mahira Khan going out with?

Mahira Khan is in a romantic relationship with Salim Karim. Their relationship, which began as a friendship, evolved into a passionate and enduring partnership. They officially became a married couple on October 1, 2023, in a private ceremony.

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